Dreams of my Father

Posted: August 12, 2012 by Keith Townsend in Lessons from dad

Dreams of my father

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore–

And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over–

like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags

like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

– Lanston Hughes

One of the things that I loved about my dad was his dreams and his ability to have vision where others didn’t.  My dad had a way to inspire us through dreams and visions for our lives.  As my father’s illness progressed he started to lose his vision for his own dreams.  One of the most depressing and discouraging conversations I ever had was when he came to the realization that he’d never reach his own dreams.

1976 Stingray – My Dad’s Dream Car

Dreams are one of the things that separate us from all other creation  They guide our daily actions and give us hope.  My father whose motto in life was, “Your body may give out but never give up”, lost his hope later in life.  What I learned from his loss was to always dream.  My dreams may become deferred but I can still dream new dreams and accomplish great things through God.

A man who dreams is a dangerous man.

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