What’s Your Motivation?

Posted: September 3, 2012 by RandomHighFives in Lessons from dad, Uncategorized

Everyone wants to live the American dream, but not everyone has the motivation or determination to do it. That’s one thing I believe is required to succeed, in anything. Its almost nature behavior for one to want to leisure, but no to work hard. Constantly working hard requires a motivation, something that will push you to work even when you just want to leisure around. Not everyone’s motivation is the same. My motivation, what makes me strive to do what needs to be done, is my loved ones and my mistakes. I don’t mean to brag but my family is doing well right now. Lately everyone in my family has something they can be proud to announce to other people. Their achievements are great and they have earned some bragging rights. With that being said, it would be unacceptable for me to disappoint them. I refuse to be the only one that is not accomplishing anything. A family is like a team, and a team cannot prosper with a weak link. Same thing goes with my good friends. They too have some great achievements and I don’t want to be one that has nothing to say when the “how’s life” conversation comes up. As I mentioned before, my mistakes is also a motivation for me. With mistakes comes failure and with failure comes pain. Pain is not something I want to feel everyday for the rest of my life so I try my best to make sure past mistakes are not repeated. The motivation has the be there to ensure success. So the next time you feel like quitting or giving up, ask yourself, why are you doing this, who are you doing it for, and what will happen if you quit? Find your motivation.

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