A story about a real job creator – My mom the “victim”

Posted: October 2, 2012 by Keith Townsend in Uncategorized

I don’t always vote Democrat.  I have very conservative Christian values and believe like many other Christians struggle with who to vote for from election to election.  I was on the fence for a while with Mitt Romney.  I don’t necessarily agree with his take on Christianity but from afar he seemed to have some of my same Christian values.  I’m going to be honest and say like most other politicians, I don’t particularly trust Barack Obama.  I do believe he’s very intelligent and capable leader (and was born in the U.S.).

I come from a part of America where Mitt Romney’s 47% is much larger than 47%.  I grew up in the Englewood and Bronzeville neighborhoods of Chicago.  Most families including mine were poor and required government assistance.  We darted in and out of the lower middle class.  My mom had my brother at 14 and me at 15.  I eventually had 3 younger brothers.  My dad was a hardworking but poorly educated man.  They did the best that they could with what they were armed.

I’m not ashamed to say we needed help.  We took advantage of every private and public program we could including Food Stamps.  As we got older my mom got stronger and eventually went back to school and completed her GED using private and public assistance.  She took a job driving a school bus making I believe about $147 a week in the mid 80’s.  She kept at it and was eventually promoted to a dispatcher and later a supervisor.  I got a chance to work with her for about a month and was amazed at how good she was at her job.  We always said she should start her own business.

She later actually did start her own transportation company with her new husband.  They run Threpar Transportation out of Chicago.  They provide safe transportation for school age kids to and from school.  Depending on the peaks and valleys of business they can employee anywhere from 3 to 5 full-time drivers.  They are examples of true job creators in an area of Chicago that needs jobs.

This wasn’t a benefit from some trickle down policy by giving a tax break to “job creators.”  It was a combination of long term government aide and private support working together to help educate my mom and give her a chance.  I picture Mitt Romney and his supporters looking at little girls today like my mom and thinking they are a waste on government resources.  The thought sickens me that someone would call people in these situations victims.  My mom didn’t feel like a victim.  She made some poor choices (I’m glad she did) and understood that no one put her in the situation.  But, I promise you she has given much more back than she received.  Are there people that abuse the system?  Sure, just as long as there’s money to be made their will be cheats.  It doesn’t matter if it’s $200 a month in food stamps or sub-prime mortgages.

I don’t have to see the debate to know who I’m voting for this year.  It’s the guy that didn’t call my mother a victim.

  1. Sharron Wilson says:

    I love your blog :0)

  2. Yvette Townsend says:

    Absolutely honest and beautiful. The respect for your parents struggle and the lessons that were learned. I’m proud of you Kieth and the accomplishments of Denise your Mom. I do not agree with Mitt on any issue because he does not get it and it’s not just poor uneducated people in his 47 percent but people like your dad who worked hard for a company and could have drawn off money he contributed to Social Security, people who lost jobs but paid their taxes while employed so why not feel entitled.But anyways this is not about Mitt this is about a wonderful son who acknowledges his mom and all her struggle and still overcame and gives back and who produced a wonderful man who is breaking ground….no victims here.
    Much Love, Yvette

  3. Eric says:

    I love how a statement taken out of context can change the deeds of a man who is capable of pulling us ALL out of this mess, a man that through his deeds has proven he is a caring loving man. I was raised VERY poor, in a mill town in Virginia. I know what it is like to go out and pick over field just to eat. My father, grand father, and I would rather shoot ourselves in the head than take a damn thing we didn’t earn. I don’t fault people that do, and go out there and pull themselves up. Kudos, it’s inspiring, but don’t forget the values that got you where you are. There is about 46.8 percent of people that have lost their way, would not it be best to bring them up with us? Why waste a vote on a man who has NO capabilities, no self esteem, no love for what we fight for every day, because of an unfortunate comment, that was not meant in that context.

    • Thanks for the comment Eric. If you don’t mind, please expand and explain in what context it was meant. I took it as 47% of the U.S. is dependent on government and see themselves as victims.

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