Chicago rated 4th worst city to live in

Posted: February 23, 2013 by Keith Townsend in Uncategorized

I was surprised to see that New York, NY made the Forbes 2013 List of America’s Most Miserable Cities.  Then as I went down the list I saw Chicago was number 4 on the list.

Chicago which has to following things going for it.

1. Taste of Chicago

2. More than 27 museums

3. One of the most vibrant downtown’s in the nation

4. More biking trails than almost any other city

5. Lakeshore Drive

6. A lake that doesn’t look like any “lake” you’ll ever see

I love Chicago.  It has more going on than any other city that I’ve been in excluding maybe New York.  I moved for a while to MD and completely missed the city with big shoulders.  However, in my travels I can see why Chicago can get a bad rap.  The political corruption is infamous.  Our former mayor (Daley the Son) was known as the Teflon Don.  He had more political allies take a fall for him than bowling pins in The Big Lebowski.  The weather is among the worst.  And the gun violence is quickly making Gary, IN look like a safe haven.

I was still amazed to see that we made this notorious list and ranked so high.  I hate to pick on other cities but have you visited Baltimore or even seen The Wire? I once got lost in Baltimore.  And all I have to say is Baltimore ain’t Chicago.


  1. drew says:

    And if you have no job or money then all of those Chicago “perks” mean jack squat. You might as well live on the moon.

    • I get your point in general. I spent more time unemployed in Chicago than I would want. But you can still enjoy the lake and museums where on the Moon we’d all just be really good at basketball.

      • drew says:

        Chicago is a tale of two cities, It’s the most racially segregated city in the US and thats a huge turn off you know as well as I do if you aren’t young white and pretty that you’re pretty much screwed in that town. Ah if you like that place it’s all good. I grew up in Chicago and lived there for 25 years (besides a 5 year stint in the military) And moved this year to Texas. and I can tell you this you couldn’t pay me enough to step foot back in that crap shack. I never thought I would be so miserable in my own home town.

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