Prom: Sex, Drugs and Social Media

Posted: May 6, 2013 by Keith Townsend in Uncategorized

My Quest To Teach

Prom: Sex, Drugs and Social Media


The facts cannot be denied or ignored about the importance
of parents talking to their children before the Prom or even
attending a party where adults are not supervising.
As Prom dates come closer concern is taken in clothing, shoes,
hairstyle, perfume or cologne. The type of transportation,
escorts, where to eat and all the other important necessities to
make Prom a memorable experience.

Proms traditionally are a high school event, a rite of passage
from high school students to transitioning graduates. Pressures
of social marketability, notoriety, popularity and economic
visibility have created an atmosphere were even juniors in
high school plan to attend Proms. Parents plan months if not
a year in advance for hair appointments, makeup consultations,
pre-evening, evening and after Prom attire.
The list of duties grows the closer the main event gets to execution.
Several items that many parents do…

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