The young mind is a weapon against mediocrity

Posted: August 26, 2012 by Keith Townsend in Uncategorized

This picture reminds me of how dangerous a young persons mind can be against mediocrity.  This little girl sits in my office for hours on end just pretending to do different things.  Every now and again I will remember the lesson from my father and sit and listen.  Today she picked up my old TRS-80 and started to pretend to do the same things on this toy that her Papa does on his computers.  She’s only four years old but I was amazed at the terms she picked up just listening to me.  This is a reminder that we need to feed this little minds that are basically sponges for knowledge.  This isn’t the first time she’s amazed me.  A few months ago I heard her playing with her toys doing some role playing.  She had one character say, “I’ve been waiting for the moment my whole life.”   She like many other kids is bright and full of potential.  What are we going to do to nature that into greatness?

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