imperfect superman

Posted: August 30, 2012 by agatheri in Uncategorized

The imperfect superman my dad
My dad wasn’t perfect but to me he was superman. The things he did made me feel like he was a gaint. My dad was no small man he was 6 ft 8 and 270 lbs. He hoisted transmission with one hand and bolted it with the other one. I wouldnt call my dad affectionate when he was younger matter of fact I can only recall one hug in my childhood. It was when I was gone for two weeks on a basketball camp. It seemed like forever since I seen my family. My coach dropped me off in front of my home and as always my dad was in back working. He seen me pull up and greeted me witoh the biggest hug. That hug was so special to me, he put down the tools for what seem like hours. He wanted to know everything that happened. I have a lot of my dads talents we both like to write and draw. My dad taught me how to draw which was cool cause I really enjoyed them moments. 
My dad once took me and my little brother to play basketball which was funny cause my dad didn’t play. But it didnt matter because the time spent with my dad was priceless. 

I talk about my dad because without him growing up in Chicago wouldn’t been easy. My dad and mom worked hard to help me stay out of trouble and to see beyond Chicago. He gave me support when I need it because of that I am who I am. My dad wasn’t perfect but he was superman to me. Superman was the first character he taught me how to draw.

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